KEWLAB has recently released its RGB-series miniature fiber spectrometer product line. Currently this product line includes an extended-range general-purpose spectrometer RGB-ER-CL and a high-resolution high-sensitivity Visible-NIR version RGB-VIS-NIR-CL.

RGB-series spectrometers are based on a crossed-asymmetric Czerny-Turner optical bench design, and offer a very high signal-to-noise ratio of 600:1. RGB-ER-CL has an extended wavelength range of 200-1000nm, and an optical resolution of 1.5nm. RGB-VIS-NIR-CL covers the Visible-NIR wavelength range of 400-1100nm and offers a high optical resolution of 1.0nm. It is also possible to get different wavelength ranges and optical resolutions by selecting different gratings and entrance slits. For applications which require a higher optical resolution, RGB-ER-CL can be preconfigured to offer 1.0nm resolution and a wavelength range of 200-900nm, while RGB-VIS-NIR-CL can be preconfigured to reach 0.5nm resolution for a wavelength range of 750-1100nm. Compact, light and portable, RGB-series miniature fiber spectrometers are suitable for spectral measurements in research laboratories as well as for OEM/industrial system integrations. Typical applications for these spectrometers include transmission/reflection measurement, color measurement, thin-film measurement, fluorescence measurement, radiation measurement, laser wavelength measurement, Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS), agriculture and food testing, water quality analysis, biochemical and medical analysis.