Laser Point, was founded in 1987 as a Distribution Company for opto-electronic instruments and components. The Company ownership belongs to a team of former researchers who brought into LaserPoint several decades of combined experience in National and International laboratories (Alcatel , the Natl. Council for Reaserch) on top technological fields like:

  • Plasma Physics
  • Lasers and Spectroscopic Systems
  • III-V Optoelectronic Device Development
  • Fibre Optics Transport Design

Starting from 2000, LaserPoint moved into manufacturing and has now gained a worldwide acknowledgment as a producer of high quality, high technology, thermopile based Laser Measurement Instruments derived from original design concepts and technologies. Some of those unique, state-of-the-art instruments have international patents. All the range of products developed in LaserPoint is application oriented since instruments are generated in developments with industrial partners. The product lines include:

  • Laser Power and Energy Meters
  • Laser Power Probes
  • OEM Thermopile disks and Heads
  • Digital Industrial Laser Monitoring Systems

Main Products