µBeam-Laser Beam Analysis

µBeam-Laser Beam Analysis

µBeam: The Analyzer for Microscopic beams

The µBeam is a beam diagnostics measurement system for real-time measurement and display of small CW or pulsed lasers in the sub-micron range, fiber optic and laser diode beam profiles. Main features include: measure beam of less than 0.5µm (FWHM), handles CW or pulses, having a long working distance, using a high resolution CCD response range, optical zooming for fast beam finding.

This is a software driven device that interfaces to any host PC computer, running under Windows Vista/XP/2000/7/8/10  (32 & 64 bit), via the USB2.0 port.

µBeam has applications in CD pickup, laser diodes, adjustment of pickup lenses and optics components, evaluation and testing of various light beam parameters.
A high power version of the µBeam is also avialble, using the SAM3-HP beam sampler.



Parameters Value
Camera type  CCD 1/4″ format,with 470000 pixels
Spectral range 350nm~1310nm
Magnification Infinite conjugate objectives:×100,×50,×20,×10,×5 user selectable.Built-in motorized zooming function.
Beam finding feature For fast beam finding the system is equipped with a zoom lens for observing large areas.Optical de-zooming up to 1/25 from objective magnification
Attenuation Built in removable NG10 filter
Configuration Tube type zooming microscope equipped with M6 mounting thread adaptor
Dimensions 163.5mm(L)×83mm Diameter(without objective and base)
Weight 2.65kg
Lens Working Distance(W.D) 6.00mm(for×100),13mm(for×50),33.5mm(for×10),20mm(for×20).Parfocal distance 95mm.
Minimum measurable beam size 0.5um for ×100 objective
Maximum frame rate 25Hz(CW lasers)
PC interface USB2.0 interface,windows XP/7(32&64bit)


Ordering Information

Model µBeam-X-USB 2.0: A complete system based on a measuring head with USB 2.0 interface and windows 7 application program.


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