11HSP-High-speed Photodetectors

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11HSP-High-speed Photodetectors

Gigahertz-bandwidth, designed and built with microwave qualified parts and techniques

  • Only gigahertz-bandwidth qualified components are used in those high-speed photodetectors
  • An impedance matched microstrip line is used to couple the diode’s output to the output connector
  • A microwave quality SMA electro-magnetic wave launcher is used to couple the signal to the scope
  • Each detector is tested using a 20-Ghz sampling scope and passed only if the peak-to-peak distortion due to ringing is <4%


Model 11HSP-V2 11HSP-IR6
Wavelenght range 320-1100 nm 900-1650 nm
Photodetectors materials Si InGaAs
Photodetectors diameter 0.4 mm 0.08 mm
Bandwidth >2 GHz ~6 GHz
Rise and fall time <150 ps <70 ps


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