AlignMeter LA-Alignment Sensing

AlignMeter LA-Alignment Sensing

The application program is compatible with Windows 7/8/10 OS (32 & 64 bit). For custom integration, an SDK package software is offered as standard.

Large Aperture optical alignment system.

The system performs simultaneous measurements of centration (in µm), angular deviations (in mRad) of the beam with respect to the outer housing or tube, as well as absolute power.

The system measures CW beams, and offers portable, fast and accurate beam alignment solution. The usable beam size is up to 22.5mm and the angle measurement range is ±2° with a resolution of ± 1 sec.


Laser type CW beams only
Photodetector PSD Si
Interface USB2.0
Usable beam size range <22.5mm
Position measurement range 22.5mmx22.5mm
Dimensions 155mmx80mm
Weight 1155 gram
Position resolution Betterr than +/-2um(with average on)
Position accuacy  +/-50um over calibrated area
Angle measurement range  +/-2 °
Angle resolution  +/-1sec
Operational spectral range 350-1100nm
Power range 100uW-5mW (without filters)
Power accuracy  +/-5%
Data update rate Up to 100Hz (save to file)
Environmental Operating temp 0° – 35℃
ND filters Optional, 1/8 attenuation, stackable

Ordering Information

ALIGN-LA: A complete system including a measuring head with 3m long cable, a manifold box, USB2.0 cable,software on CD disk, carrying case.


ND9: Optical filter M37X0.7, attenuation 1/8


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