Blink HS High Speed Thermal Sensors

Blink HS High Speed Thermal Sensors

BLINK HS is the latest Laserpoint’s achievement specifically developed to measure ultrafast lasers with pulse duration down to femtoseconds. The ultimate solution for whatever application requiring: accurate energy measurements for ultrafast pulsed lasers, monitoring of fast manufacturing processes in production lines and detection of fast instabilities in ultrafast lasers.

BLINK HS patent pending technology, based on thermopile design, makes this product the fastest laser power and energy sensor currently available in the market. This technology allows to combine the high response speed of a photodiode with the broadband and high power operation of a thermopile.

Laser applications requiring high speed measurements can take advantage of the sub-microsecond response time; this BLINK HS feature allows to measure the energy of each pulse emitted by laser sources with repetition rates up to 1 MHz, pulse durations down to fs and average power up to 20W, characteristics that cannot be present all together in pyroelectric or photodiode sensors. Moreover, its high damage threshold and efficient water cooling allow to withstand energies up to 10mJ.

BLINK HS can be deployed by laser manufactures to detect fast instabilities in laser sources as well as by system integrators to monitor fast processes in production lines. Combining all advantages present in photodiodes, pyroelectric and thermal detectors, BLINK HS is a very versatile product, suited to measure most of the laser sources commercially available, from ultrashort pulse to CW lasers. High Speed Meter (HSM) is also available with a sampling rate up to 500 Msample/s to provide a precise energy measurement of each single ultrashort pulse.


Ordering Code Power Range Energy range Useful Aperture Spectral Range Cooling Connectivity
BM-W-20W-14-T 1 mW – 20W 1 μJ – 10 mJ 14 x 14 mm 0.2 – 11 µm Water Hirose IX (to HSM)


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