CWA–Laboratory-Style CW Lasers

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CWA–Laboratory-Style CW Lasers

High Stability CW laser diode modules with laboratory style controller

Bluephoton® CWA Series – 375 nm – 488 nm

Greenphoton® CWA Series – 515 nm

Redphoton® CWA Series – 635 nm – 1060 nm

The lasers of the CWA Series are highly-stable, temperature-stabilized diode lasers, with powers up to 500 mW and on request, modal jump-free CW operation. The high-precision temperature stabilization to a maximum diode temperature variation of <0.02°K and the stable power source for the laser diode, enable extreme power stability and very low noise levels.

The systems consist of a laser head and a laser controller in the 19” cassette housing, with integrated 90-240 V AC 50/60 Hz power unit for global employment. The integrated modulation inputs for analog power modulation with up to 1kHz, and TTL modulation with up to 10k Hz, enable integration into control and measurement processes. As in case of all lasers of the Bluephoton® and Redphoton® Series, the laser head can be very simply adapted to customer specifications by the use of the modular principle


Specifications CWA-Models
Blue- / Greenphoton® CWA Redphoton® CWA
Wavelengths & Powers(other wavelengths and powers on request) Single-Mode (SM): Single-Mode (SM):
375nm / 20mW 635nm / 5mW
375nm / 70mW 637nm / 150mW
395nm / 120mW 639nm / 40mW
405nm / 55mW 643nm / 150mW
405nm / 120mW 647nm / 150mW
405nm / 300mW 658nm / 130mW
415nm / 120mW 670nm / 15mW
425nm / 120mW 685nm / 35mW
445nm / 50mW 785nm / 120mW
445nm / 100mW 808nm / 200mW
457nm / 100mW 830nm / 200mW
460nm / 100mW 852nm / 150mW
473nm / 20mW 980nm / 150mW
473nm / 80mW 1016nm / 100mW
473nm / 100mW 1060nm / 100mW
488nm / 20mW Multi-Mode (MM):
488nm / 60mW 638nm / 250mW
488nm / 80mW 670nm / 500mW
488nm / 100mW 808nm / 1000mW
488nm / 150mW u.v.m.
488nm / 200mW
515nm / 25mW
515nm / 50mW
515nm / 80mW
Multi-Mode (MM):
375nm / 200mW (M² = 7…8)
405nm / 400mW (M² = 5…6)
405nm / 600mW (M² = 5…6)
445nm / 500mW (M² = 2…3)
445nm / 1200mW (M² = 5…6)
Beam diameter 1.25mm (1/e²) +/- 0.25mm 1.25mm (1/e²) +/- 0.25mm
(other diameters on request) (MM beam diameter may vary) (MM beam diameter may vary)
Beam quality M² <1.2 (SM) <1.2 (SM)
<3 (MM) <10 (MM)
Astigmatism (corrected) <0.2*ZR <0.2*ZR
Beam ellipticity <1.1:1 (SM) <1.1:1 (SM)
Polarisation >100:1 vertical >100:1 vertical
Power stability* <0.5% / h <0.5% / h
Noise 0Hz-100MHz* <0.5% peak<>peak (CW) <0.5% peak<>peak (CW)
Modulation speed Analog: 100Hz Analog: 100Hz
Digital: 10kHz Digital: 10kHz
Supply voltage 85-245VAC, 50/60Hz
Features Safety-Interlock
LCD-working-hours display
Options LDM.COL – collimator objective
LDM.FOC – customized focussing objective
LDM.FASY.XXX – fibre coupling unit

* Noise and power stability values of IR lasers and multi-mode lasers may vary


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