The MOGLabs Laser Wavemeter is a precision compact laser wavelength measurement device, and optical spectrum analyser, with on-unit display and ethernet/USB connectivity standard. Use it standalone or with the included Windows GUI software package.

Unlike interferometric wavemeters, our device clearly reveals multimode laser operation,making it particularly suitable for use with external cavity diode lasers and atom cooling and trapping experiments.


  • Picometre (<GHz) accuracy
  • Picowatt sensitivity
  • Any wavelength from 370nm to 1120nm†
  • Instantly identifies multimode input
  • Fast: up to 1250 measurements per second
  • CW or pulsed laser input
  • Built-in PID feedback with analogue output
  • Ethernet and USB standard


  • Laser frequency diagnosis and testing
  • Identifying laser multimode behaviour
  • Determining absorption lines
  • Gas spectrometry
  • Raman fluorescence

Specifications MWM

Wavelength range 370nm–1120nm
Supplied calibrated at one wavelength e.g. 780±12 nm
Input power requirement 1 pW (1 picowatt)
Precision 100MHz(0.1pm) at 780nm
Accuracy ±1 GHz / ±0.001nm at 780nm,at time of calibration
Optical resolution <0.02 nm (σ std dev,wavelength dependent)
Dynamic range >35dB (>50dB with HDR)
Display Built-in LCD and host computer
Interface Windows GUI
PID feedback 12-bit DAC output,0.5mV resolution,10 Hz bandwidth
Readout Typically 20 per second,up to 100 /s,host dependent
Ethernet 10/100 TP RJ45
USB USB2.0,plug type USB-B(350mA with display on)
SMA Analogue output,±2.5 V,for PID feedback control
Optical input FC single mode fibre
DAC 12-bit output, ±2.5 V, 0.5mV resolution
Dimensions (approx.) 165mm x 85mm x 70mm (LxWxH)

†Note: the MWM operates over a small wavelength range, e.g. 780 ± 12 nm. Operation in a
different wavelength range requires mechanical adjustment and recalibration.