fs-Laser Optics

fs-Laser Optics

LAYERTEC has been your partner for complex, individual optical solutions for almost 30 years. In this online shop you will find a part of our product repertoire: frequently requested standard components, our “standard items”, as well as components for complex applications.

PS:The application of Ti sapphire laser with bandwidth of 150 nm and below is used as product

1.Laser mirror:

139691 coating,HRs,p(0–10°,725–875nm)>99.9%,|GDD-Rs,p(0–10°, 725–875nm)|<50fs2


140876 coating,HRs,p(0–10°,750–850nm)>99.5%,|GDD-Rs,p(0–10°,750–850nm)|<60fs²,For high power applications


139943 coating,HRs,p (0–45°, 725–875nm)>98%,|GDD-Rs,p(45°, 725–875nm)|<40fs²


2.Pump end mirror:S2 side 140872 coating HRs,p (0–10°, 725–875nm)>99.9%,Rs,p (0–10°, 500–545nm)<2% S1 side 140875 coating , ARS,P (0–10°, 500–545nm) < 0.2%


3.Steering mirror:

139710 coating,HRs,p (22.5°, 725–875 nm) > 99.9 %,|GDD-Rs,p (22.5°, 725–875 nm)|<75 fs2


139693 coating,HRs,p (45°, 740–860nm)>99.9 %,|GDD-Rs,p (45°, 740–860nm)|<75 fs²


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The LAYERTEC standard items are a selection of the most frequently requested laser optics. The substrates and coatings used are standardized and produced in advance. We aim for constant availability. Download our current standard catalog here: https://www.layertec.de/en/downloads/


If you are unsure about whether a component is suitable for your application, please feel free to contact us via phone or e-mail. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a discussion regarding your special requirements.


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