HLS-1 is an air-cooled halogen light source. It is known for its stable output, adjustable intensity, portability, reliability and long lifetime.


  • Wavelength range : 360 – 2500nm (visible and near-infrared).
  • Fan-based heat dissipation system ensures the device does not heat up excessively. The halogen lamp uses a high quality and highly efficient circuit control, ensuring stable light output.
  • High light output intensity. Output intensity can be easily adjusted using the adjustment knob.
  • Direct light output. Light output can also be coupled using an SMA905 optical fiber connector.
  • A bracket is present in the light source’s front end, ensuring filters or attenuation slides can be installed as required.


  • Spectral analysis and absorption spectrum measurement
  • Transmission/Reflectivity measurement
  • Color measurement


Wavelength range 360~2500nm
Color temperature 3000K
Power supply 24V/2A
Bulb power consumption 12V/20W
Intensity adjustment 0~100%
Bulb lifetime 2000hours
Preheating time ~10min
Power stability ±0.1%
Heat dissipation Fan
Optical fiber Connector SMA905
Dimensions 136*101*70