Knife-Edge Beam Analyzer

Knife-Edge Beam Analyzer

Multiple Scanning Knife-Edge beam profiler

High precision beam diagnostics for CW lasers. A wide spectral range from deep UV through 2700nm.

Wide dynamic range, beam size measurements down to 2 µm size and up to 10mm with 0.1 µm resolution.

The new USB version offers enhanced operation of the BeamAnalyzer series, including: USB 2.0 interface, 12 bit device, high resolution sampling for all blades simultaneously, Windows 7 32 & 64 bit OS.
Data streaming via TCP/IP communication protocol or RS232.

ActiveX software for integration in customer’s application program is available.

The system is composed of an external USB 2.0 box, a measuring head, a set of 2xNG Schott colored filters (NG4, NG9) in housing for Si and UV-Si detectors, a mounting post, Windows application software on CD disk, carrying case.

Note: The product is also available with an older PCI interface (OS supported Windows XP/2000), 8 bit A/D card


Sensor type Silicone(Si)
UV-Silicon (UV-Si)
InGaAs Enhanced(IRE)
Spectral range Si 350~1100nm
Uv-Si 190~1100nm
IR 800~1800nm
IRE 1200~2700nm
Number of blades 3 for BA3 heads
7 for BA7 heads
Beam size range BA3-Si and BA3-UV 3um~5mm
BA7-si and BA7-UV(Oval) 15um~10mm
BA7-Si and BA7-UV(Round) 15um~9mm
BA3-IR3 and BA3-IR3-E 3um~3mm
BA7-IR3 and BA7-IR3-E 15um~3mm
BA3-IR5 3um~5mm
BA7-IR5 15um~5mm
Beamwidth resolution For beams>100um in size 1um
 For beams<100um in size 0.1um
Beamwidth accuracy ±2%
Power range For Si and UV-Si heads 10uW to 1W with filters
For InGaAs heads 10uW to 5mW(no filters)
Power accuracy Si and Uv-Si heads ±5%
InGaAs heads ±10%
Power resolution 0.1uW
Position resolution 1um
Position accuracy ±15um
Saturation Si and Uv-Si heads 0.1W/cm2 without filter
20W/cm2 with NG9
Power resolution 0.1uW
Measurement rate 5Hz
weight Sensor head 755gr with cable,manifold box 350gr
Operating Temperature 0℃~35℃
Pc interface USB2.0(PCI optional)


BeamAnalyzer USB2.0-Optional Accessories

SAM3-B Beam Sampler,with mounting adapter sampling reduction factor 0.0016 average
BA-Fiber A fiber adapter with an FC connecter
BA-Mount A mount enabling head rotation about the optical axis


Ordering Information

Complete system including a measuring head with 2.5m long attached cable,a mounting post, a USB2.0 manifold box, software and user manual on CD,carrying case.

NG4 and NG9 filters in housing are provided for the Si and UV-Si heads only.

  • BA3-Si-USB: 3-blades, Si detector 5mm circular
  • BA7-Si-USB: 7-blades, Si detector 9mm square
  • BA3-UV-USB: 3-blades, UV-Si detector 5mm circular
  • BA7-UV-USB: 7-blades, UV-Si detector 9mm circular
  • BA3-IR3-USB: 3-blades, InGaAs detector 3mm circular
  • BA3-IR3E-USB: 3-blades,InGaAs Enhanced 3mm circular
  • BA7-IR3-USB: 7-blades, InGaAs detector 3mm circular
  • BA7-IR3E-USB: 7-blades, InGaAs Enhanced 3mm circular
  • BA3-IR5-USB: 3-blades, InGaAs detector 5mm circular
  • BA7-IR5-USB: 7-blades, InGaAs detector 5mm circular


Optional accessories

SAM3-B Beam Sampler: with mounting adapter Sampling reduction factor 0.0016 average

BA-Fiber: A fiber adapter with an FC connector

BA-Mount: A mount enabling head rotation about the optical axis


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