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LightHUB® Compact Laser Combiners

LightHUB® – compact laser beam combiner with up to 6 wavelengths

The LightHUB® Compact Laser Combiner can be equipped with up to six DPSS or diode lasers of LightHUB_plus_Logodifferent wavelengths in a compact and rugged design. Wavelengths between 355nm and 2090nm and optical output powers up to 500mW per laser line are possible. The Compact Laser Combiners can be equipped with polarization maintaining fibre coupling units to supply the light to applications in biotechnology like confocal microscopy or flow cytometry and many more.



  • Flow Cytometry
  • Confocal Microscopy
  • Optogenetics
  • Reprographics
  • Test and Measurement
  • Machine Vision


Key Facts:

  • Up to 2, 4 or 6 wavelengths beam-combined and efficiently fiber coupled in one compact housing
  • Over 30 different wavelengths available
  • Single-mode, polarization maintaining fibre coupling with customizable fibre outputs
  • Conductively cooled
  • Optional AOM modulators for fast DPSS laser modulation
  • Windows™ based laser control software included
  • Field upgradable
  • OEM versions available
  • Software drivers for Metamorph, LabVIEW and Micromanager available
LightHUB® – Specifications:
Available models: LightHUB®-1 – combines one DPSS laser with a AO-modulator
LightHUB®-2 – combines up to 2 laser lines
LightHUB®-4 – combines up to 4 laser lines
LightHUB®-6 – combines up to 6 laser lines
available wavelengths and powers:(internal laser power) 355nm / 10mW, 20mW *
375nm / 20mW, 70mW
395nm / 120mW
405nm / 60mW, 120mW, 300mW
415nm / 120mW
425nm / 120mW
445nm / 50mW, 100mW, 500mW
457nm / 100mW, 500mW
460nm / 100mW
473nm / 20mW, 80mW, 100mW, 300mW
488nm / 20mW, 60mW, 80mW, 100mW, 150mW, 200mW
505nm / 80mW
515nm / 25mW, 50mW, 80mW, 100mW, 150mW
532nm / 25mW, 50mW, 100mW, 150mW, 300mW, 500mW, 1000mW *
540nm / 25mW, 50mW *
561nm / 25mW, 50mW, 75mW, 100mW, 150mW, 200mW, 300mW, 500mW *
594nm / 25mW, 50mW, 100mW *
633nm / 100mW
638nm / 40mW, 100mW, 150mW, 200mW
642nm / 140mW
647nm / 140mW
660nm / 130mW
660nm / 100mW, 300mW, 500mW *
685nm / 50mW
705nm / 40mW
730nm / 40mW
785nm / 120mW, 200mW
808nm / 140mW
830nm / 140mW
850nm / 100mW
945nm / 200mW
980nm / 100mW
1030nm / 150mW
1060nm / 150mW
1080nm / 80mW
1310nm / 50mW
1550nm / 100mW
* DPSS Lasers
Integration of High-Power Multi-Mode lasers possible on request
Fibre coupling: Type:Single-mode,(PM)or Multi-mode fibres
Fibre output:FC/APC, FC/PC, FCP8 or SMA and collimated outputs diameters on customer’s demand
 Free emission:  Beam diameter: 0.7mm 1/e² (others available on request)
Control interface: Type:USB 2.0 / RS-232 (depends on laser model)
Laser control software: WindowsTM based laser control software
Supply voltage: 5VDC / 12VDC / 24VDC (depending on laser type)
Mechanical size: LightHUB-1: L x W x H: 230mm x 90mm x 64mm ( without fibre coupler)
LightHUB-2: L x W x H: 159mm x 220mm x 64mm ( without fibre coupler)
LightHUB-4: L x W x H: 293mm x 220mm x 64mm ( without fibre coupler)
LightHUB-6: L x W x H: 427mm x 220mm x 64mm ( without fibre coupler)


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