Metallic Mirrors

Metallic Mirrors

Blow off the dust with compressed clean and dry air. Any other cleaning method may damage the surface of the metal mirror. Wear latex gloves and hold the metal mirror only at the side.

1. Gold mirror without protective layer:140770 coating,HR(0°,800–20000nm)>98%,HRs(45°,800–20000nm)>98%,HRp(45°,800–20000nm)>97%


2. Gold mirror with protective layer:140777 coating,HR(0°,800–4000nm)>95%,HRs(45°,800–4000nm)>95%,HRp(45°,800–4000nm)>94%


3.600 – 1000 nm silver mirror with protective layer:140780 coating,HR(0°,600–1000nm)>97%,HRs(45°,600–1000nm)>96%,HRp(45°,600–1000nm)>96%,|GDD-Rs,p(0–45°,600–1000nm)|10fs2


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LAYERTEC has been your partner for complex, individual optical solutions for almost 30 years. In this online shop you will find a part of our product repertoire: frequently requested standard components, our “standard items”, as well as components for complex applications.


The LAYERTEC standard items are a selection of the most frequently requested laser optics. The substrates and coatings used are standardized and produced in advance. We aim for constant availability. Download our current standard catalog here:


If you are unsure about whether a component is suitable for your application, please feel free to contact us via phone or e-mail. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a discussion regarding your special requirements.



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