OEM Amplified High Speed Thermal Sensors

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OEM Amplified High Speed Thermal Sensors

Laser Point has developed a series of compact power sensors that can be easily integrated into laser machines to monitor the power during the operation. For more than two decades Laser Point has been supplying OEM power & energy sensors to some of the world’s leading laser manufacturers. R&D activities are still strong, especially on new applications or on the design of new detectors.


  • OEM High Speed Thermal Heads embedding sensor disks and analog electronics
  • Fast Response Time: 70 ms
  • Out Voltage: 5V @ full scale
  • Electronics for Amplification and signals acceleration
  • Compact size
  • Available with water cooling
  • Broadband operation from UV to Far Infrared


Custom Products

If you do not find what you need today we can design custom sensors, housings and electronics that fit your requirements. Ask our Application Engineers for technical support: we have a full knowledge of optics, lasers, thermal behaviors, materials to cover your requests.A commitment to servicing with quality products, prompt deliveries and after sales assistance is another support provided by LaserPoint on which customers can rely on.



Ordering Code Power range Useful Aperture Spectral Range Cooling External Size Connectivity
BAL-W-20W-16-K 25 mW – 20 W 16 x 16 mm 0.2 – 25 µm Water 56 x 56 x 34 mm Bare wires
BAL-W-50W-16-K 50 mW – 50 W 16 x 16 mm 0.2 – 25 µm Water 56 x 56 x 34 mm Bare wires


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