OEM Packaged Diode Lasers

OEM Packaged Diode Lasers

Our lasers are “Locked” to the specific wavelength of interest, are narrow linewidth, high power, and are available in either open beam or fiber coupled format.

OEM stable laser products include 405nm single mode Raman laser light source, 532nm single mode and multimode wavelength stable laser, 638nm single mode wavelength stable laser, 785nm single mode, multimode wavelength stable laser, 808nm single mode, multimode wavelength stable laser, 830nm single mode, multi mode wavelength stable laser, 976nm single mode, multimode wavelength Stable laser, 1064nm single mode, multimode wavelength stabilized laser.

IPS specializes in Wavelength Stabilized Lasers Ideal for:

  • Raman spectroscopy
  • Fiber laser seeding & pumping
  • Medical sensing & imaging
  • Defense based applications

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