PC-Plug (Integrated-Meter Sensor Series)

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PC-Plug (Integrated-Meter Sensor Series)

Laser Point solutions are characterized by a flexible approach to laser measurements: different sensor meters are available, allowing to read measurements on a stand-alone portable instruments, on PC screen or simply storing them on a memory device.


  • USB or RS232 to PC


Integrated-meter head for all thermal sensors and power probe (FIT-H), (including Blink FR up to 6Hz rep. rate) and Photodiode Sensors.


The PC-PLUG series of sensor heads has been specifically developed for all those applications that do not require a display but when readings can be analysed and displayed on the now ubiquitous computer.


With simple “plug and play” functionality, no additional meter and at a lower cost, the PC PLUG sensors have all the power and sophistication of signal processing and software of the traditional PLUS2 meter.


The PC-PLUG series has two different connectivity option: USB (option U) or RS-232 (option R).


The PC-PLUG series with USB connectivity gets its power supply from the PC throught the USB port while the only requirement for PC-PLUG series with RS-232 connectivity is a + 12VDC input.


The PC-PLUG sensors have been primarily developed for applications that need a power measurement station on board of machines; these instruments are also the perfect monitoring tool for other industrial applications such as laser burn-in or long-term reliability testing.


The PC-PLUG is also the best choice for service engineers and technicians who always travel with a laptop computer, because they will no longer need to carry separate instruments and additional weight.


Finally, thanks to their lower cost and smaller size, these sensors can be also successfully integrated in more standard laboratory applications that already use computer controlled instrumentation.


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