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SpotOn Analog USB-Position Sensing

A complete system based on a PSD sensor (Lateral Effect type) with 3m long attached cable, an electronics box and high precision power supply.

The application program is compatible with Windows 7/8/10 OS (32 & 64 bit). For custom integration, an SDK package software is offered as standard.

Sophisticated Analog and Digital beam positioning system.
The system offers real time measurement of laser displacements with update rate of up to 30 KHz (for the 9x9mm PSD) and up to 60 KHz (for the 4x4mm PSD) and resolution of 1 um. Special high resolution versions with limited dynamic range are offered: up to +/- 0.1 um for the 4x4mm and up to +/- 0.2um for the 9x9mm PSD.

The system measures both CW and pulsed beams, and offers an external trigger for synchronized data acquisition.

Multiple devices control via USB port is available (up to 8 devices).


Wavelength 350 – 1100 nm
Sensor size 4×4 mm model SPOTANA-USB-4, 9×9 mm model SPOTANA-USB-9
Usable beam size range 9×9: 50μm < diameter < 8 mm.

4×4: 50μm < diameter < 3 mm.

Position accuracy ±25 μm over 8 mm diameter using HeNe beam 0.8 mm
Position resolution Special: Better than ±1µm typical (9×9 ver. with averaging)

Better than ±0.5µm typical (4×4 ver. with averaging) ±0.1µm for ±1mm dynamic range using the 4×4 mm PSD ±0.2µm for ±2mm dynamic range using the 9×9 mm PSD

Response time (analog) <20 μm for 4×4 mm version,

<60 μm for 9×9 mm version

Data update rate (**) Display mode: Digital 40 Hz for single head.

Scope mode: Digital 4 kHz up to 2000 points in memory (position), 8 kHz up to 4000 points in memory (power).

Analog mode: 30 kHz max. speed for 9×9 mm version, 60 kHz max. speed for 4×4 mm version

Power Input range (*)  High Amplification: 1 – 250 μW

Low Amplification: 10 – 2500 μW

Power accuracy (*) ±5%
Minimum detectable deviation (CW/Pulsed) (***) 1 mV (CW) / 5mV (Pulsed) in Analog Mode
Power supply voltage ±18V
Current consumption 200 mA
Operating temperature 0° – 50° C
Weight Sensor head with 3m cable 175 g
ND Filters Optional per special order (ND / Red filter/ BandPass filter)

Ordering Information

  • SPOTANA-4-USB-L: System with 4x4mm PSD, Low amp.
  • SPOTANA-4S-USB-L: System with 4x4mm PSD, Low amp, High Position Resolution.
  • SPOTANA-4-USB-H:  System with 4x4mm PSD, High amp.
  • SPOTANA-4S-USB-H: System with 4x4mm PSD, High amp, High Position Resolution.
  • SPOTANA-9-USB-L:  System with 9x9mm PSD, Low amp.
  • SPOTANA-9S-USB-L: System with 9x9mm PSD, Low amp, High Position Resolution.
  • SPOTANA-9-USB-H:  System with 9x9mm PSD, High amp.
  • SPOTANA-9S-USB-H: System with 9x9mm PSD, High amp, High Position Resolution.


NG4 Filter: NG4 filter in housing (3/4”-32 thread), filter width 1.6mm ±0.1mm

NG9 Filter: NG9 filter in housing (3/4” – 32 thread), filter width 1.6mm ±0.1mm

NG10 Filter: NG10 filter in housing (3/4” – 32 thread), filter width 1.6mm ±0.1mm

Hood: 55mm long hood for ambient light suppression.


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