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SpotOn Mobile-Position Sensing

The application program is compatible with Windows 7/8/10 OS (32 & 64 bit). For custom integration, an SDK package software is offered as standard.

High accuracy compact beam positioning system with Nexus7 PC Tablet included.

Specially adapted for field service of laser measurements. No need for manifold box, Built-in electronics within sensor head.

Measure both position and power, available with dual axis Lateral effect detector (down to 0.1um resolution @ 50Hz digital filter, +/-6um absolute accuracy).


Laser type CW beam Only
Detector L-Lateral Effect
Size 9mmx9mm
Type Dual-axis Si resin No glass cover
Usable beam size 50um to Ø9mm
Position measurement range 9mm
Position resolution Down to 1µm at 50Hz digital filter plus averaging
Position accuracy ±12.5 µm over 9 mm dia.
Update rate Max 80Hz at 1000Hz digital filter
Operational spectral range 350-1100nm
Power range 1µW to 10 mW with attenuating ND filters
Power accuracy(*) ±5%
Filters NG4/NG9/NG10 – ND filter in housing (3/4” –32 thread)

Ordering Information

SPOTMOB-N: Complete system including sensor head, a Nexsus7 Tablet PC, Micro USB OTG cable w/Power port, Tablet PC power supply, carrying case.

SPOTMOB-A: System for Android 4.1 and up including a sensor head,Micro USB OTG cable, software on DiskOnKey, carrying case.


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