STANDA-Q1-Active Q-switched Laser

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STANDA-Q1-Active Q-switched Laser

Sub-nanosecond, wavelength 1064 nm, pulse energy 70 µJ, Jitter ≤90 ps

The STANDA-Q1 is an actively Q-switched diode-pumped Nd:YAG laser operating at a wavelength of 1064 nm. The laser delivers sub-nanosecond (750-950 ps) pulses with a near transform limited spectral structure (linewidth <3.7 pm) emitted at repetition rates up to 1 kHz with extremely low timing jitter (<350 ps, PtP), and single pulse energies as high as 100 µJ in a TEM00 beam (M2 < 1.2).


The modified STA-01 controller is a convenient device for operating the STANDA-Q1 laser head. Intuitive GUI (JLV-SOFT9) allows to control and to monitor over 100 various parameters via USB or RS-232 interface. There are TTL inputs for precisely synchronized laser pulses and analog output that produces signals to trigger customer’s electronics (pulse rise time ≤2.5ns). The main laser parameters can be modified to better fit the customer’s application. Systems providing 0.5-3ns laser pulses (customer should specify the particular pulse width) with single pulse energy up to 0.5 mJ are available upon request. Spectral and spatial beam characteristics allows efficient fundamental frequency conversion via SHG and THG processes. Our standard harmonic generators can be installed into a laser head to obtain 532nm and 355nm laser radiation. Consult your Standa representative to find out the parameters of VIS and UV laser models.


OEM version of STANDA-Q1 laser system is also available. OEM controller needs 7.5 V DC power supply and has USB or RS-232 interface to communicate with a PC. The controller appearance will be similar to our STA-01-OEM control unit.


Standa plans to further refine the platform together with several partners and to develop amplifying as well as external harmonic generation modules. Company also plans to rise the pulse repetition rates up to 10 kHz in a SLM and up to 100 kHz in multi longitudinal mode of operation, provide the STANDA-Q1 laser system with a pulse energy and pulse repetition rate measuring device, and a beam profiling camera to make the whole system self-contained. We kindly welcome all interested customers to join development process.

  • Microlaser
  • Very low timing jitter, PtP ≤90 ps
  • Sub-nanosecond pulses, pulse width <900 ps
  • TEM00 and SLM, spectral linewidth <3.7 pm
  • Single shot to 1kHz, pulse energy ≥70 µJ
  • Internal and External Triggering (triggering pulse rise time <3 ns)
  • RMS ≤3% over 5 hours
  • USB Interface
  • Monitor Photodiode
  • Compact, small footprint

Without compromising compactness and beam quality STANDA-Q series lasers can be equipped with second and third harmonic generation crystals for nonlinear frequency conversion. STANDA can offer green and UV actively Q-switched lasers with 532 and 355 nm wavelengths accordingly.

Wavelength, nm 1064 532 355
Pulse Energy, µJ 140 70 35
Pulse Width (FWHM), ns ≤0.9
Repetition Rate, Hz 1 – 1000
Timing Jitter (PtP), ps ≤ 350
Pulse to Pulse Energy Stability (RMS), % < 3 over 5 hours
Beam Profile TEM00 M2 < 1.2 < 1.3
Beam Divergence (1/e2, full angle), mrad < 5
Beam Waist Diameter (1/e2), µm 200 ± 20
Pulse Spectral Structure SLM
Spectral Linewidth (FWHM), pm < 3.7
Polarization Ratio > 100 : 1, horizontal
Warm Up Time, min < 20
Interfaces USB, External Trigger (TTL, rising edge)
Operating Voltage, V AC 110 – 230
Dimensions of Laser Head, mm 79 (W) x 39 (H) x 110 (L)
Dimensions of Controller, mm 223 (W) x 94 (H) x 197 (L)
Weight of Laser Head, g 750
Weight of Controller, g 2750
Laser Head Cooling
Heat Sink Thermal Resistance, K/W ≤ 0.5
Laser Controller Cooling Included


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