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PCA – Photoconductive Antenna

Our photoconductive antennas can be used for emission and detection of THz pulses using pulsed lasers fiber-coupled-PCAwith wavelength of 800 nm, 1060 nm or 1550 nm. They can be fiber coupled and equipped with different types of silicon substrate lenses leading to a divergent, collimated or focused THz beam. For efficient THz power generation we offer our patented large area interdigital antenna arrays.
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Terahertz time-domain spectrometer

We offer a compact table-top terahertz time-domain spectrometer TDS10XX with our spectrometer TDS_1008software T3DS for the frequency range 0.05 – 4 THz. The spectrometer allows transmission and reflection measurements in a nitrogen purged sample compartment. An additional imaging scan unit with fiber coupled antennas can be used for reflection or transmission measurements on large objects
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As we seek interested buyers for THz spectrometers, we will continue to fully support the needs of our customers.

THz lenses

For THz beam guiding between the emitter and detector we offer hyperhemispherical and elliptic siliconcollimating-elliptic-lens lenses and aspheric TPX lenses with different diameter and focal length.
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