Tunable Littrow Lasers (LDL)

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Tunable Littrow Lasers (LDL)

The MOGLabs LDL Littrow External Cavity Diode Laser is a research quality laser for advanced applications in atomic and quantum physics.

All springs – including flexures – have been removed to create a robust, stable, and vibrationally inert device. Grating rotation and vertical alignment are uncoupled, allowing simple tuning over the full diode wavelength range without realignment.

When used with a MOGLabs Diode Laser Controller, mode-hop-free scanning range of up to 40GHz and linewidth below 100 kHz can be achieved, with a broad range of AR coated and less expensive uncoated diodes. Diode replacement and re-alignment are easily accomplished by the end-user. Wavelength options extend from 368nm to 1620nm, and powers up to 250mW extra-cavity.


  • Vibrationally inert
  • Passive stability
  • Wide tuning range
  • Wavelengths from 368 to 1620nm
  • Decoupled grating rotation and tilt
  • Wide mode-hop free scan range
  • Narrow linewidth
  • Fast piezo feedback
  • Precision alignment controls
  • High bandwidth low latency modulation
  • Diode protection circuit and relay
  • Low frequency noise


  • Laser cooling and trapping
  • Bose-Einstein condensation
  • Quantum optics: squeezed light
  • Electromagnetic transparency and slow light
  • Time and frequency standards
  • Laser spectroscopy
  • Physics teaching labs

Specifications LDL

368nm to 1612nm Up to 250mW output power,diode dependent
Linewidth Typically <200kHz,diode dependent
Modulation 20MHz bandwidth,AC or DC coupled,20ns latency
RF bias tee option:>2.5GHz bandwidth
Coarse tuning range Up to 50nm for single diode
Beam diameter(1/e2) Typically 1mm x 2mm to 1.5mm x 4mm;diode-dependent
Polarisation Linear 100:1 typical
TEC ±14.5V 3.3A Q=23W standard
Sensor NTC 10kΩ standard;AD590,592 optional
Stability at base ±1mK (controller dependent)
Cooling Water cooling connections optional(usually not required)
Scan range Up to 50 GHz;with MOGLabs controller,rate 4Hz to 70Hz
Mode-hop free scan 10 GHz to 40GHz,diode dependent,with current feed-forward
Piezo 0–120V or 0–150V,2 to 5μm
Cavity length 1–3cm (5–15GHz FSR) approx.
Protection Relay,cover interlock connection,reverse diode
Indicator Laser ON/OFF (LED)
Modulation input 20MHz bandwidth, AC or DC coupled, 20ns latency
RF bias tee option: >2.5GHz bandwidth,
16MHz – 2.5GHz (lower cutoff optional)
Connector MOGLabs DLC Diode Laser Controller (single cable connect)
Dimensions 105 x 90 x 90mm (LxWxH), 1kg
Faraday isolator; fibre coupled; modulation low-frequency cutoff.
Please contact MOGLabs for further details.


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