Wavelength stabilized multimode laser

Wavelength stabilized multimode laser

The IPS wavelength stabilized multimode laser uses a unique Hybird ECL design to lock the laser, allowing users to specify wavelength and spectral linewidth to meet most application requirements.

The wavelength accuracy + 0.5nm (+ 0.1nm can be customized), the typical spectral line width <0.1nm, the wavelength shift <0.07nm/ C, the IPS wavelength stable multimode laser is the ideal choice for the Raman spectrum excited light source and other high reliability and repeatability products.

Because wavelengths and spectral linewidth are locked at design time, this innovative wavelength stabilized multimode laser does not require the best choice of many laser diodes to meet the target specifications. This provides users with high-performance, cost-effective products for drug control, security, real-time process monitoring and control.

Product features:

  • Adjustable output power >100W
  • Wavelength 633-1550nm
  • Spectral linewidth <0.1nm typical value (<0.07nm narrow linewidth)
  • Multi package configuration

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