The very best of laser absorbers: the Super Hard Coating (SHC)

Laser Point’s SHC coating is a real high power coating. Performances of SHC are stunning and definitely place it to be the best laser coating available on the market.
Specification curves and values for the SHC are based on test campaigns made with our customers in disruptive conditions and show that the properties of SHC are steps ahead any other coating: it withstands more than 12KW/cm2 in CW operation, with an effective applied power of 1KW of Yag laser, or 40J/cm2 with laser diodes peak powers of 3.2 KW @1 ms!


Compared to other absorbers for high powers that can be used on limited spectral ranges, the SHC also has an extended working range ( 0,25μ to 11μ) and a very high absorption ratio, making it suitable for a safe use in almost all laser applications. The graph shows a comparison of damage threshold values among Laserpoint’s SHC absorber against various types of commercial high power laser absorbers.
The upper graph shows the SHC behavior under different laser pulses conditions up to CW.
The lower graph shows the results obtained when a 6KW head from Laser Point coated with SHC has been compared, under multi-kilowatt beams, against similar heads from our Competitors bearing their best coating.